Hoverboard by ZR

22 Mar, 2014

"Hoverboard by ZR" is a new development from Flyboard creators

The official release is planned only in May. But we’d like to reveal a little secret for our friends. starts taking pre-orders for this generator of incredible feelings. 

First Photos:

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6 Steps towards Extreme Backflip on the Flyboard

28 Feb, 2014

Сальто на Флайборде

    Two world championships have already been taken, hundreds of video that conquered the whole world on youtube were shot, and the backflip on the flyboard remains yet one of the most fascinating tricks. Many people have learned to fly like a bird and swim like a dolphin, but only few of them are able to do a backflip. The sensations during both viewing and performing tricks go off scale, sea of adrenaline, emotions – you will experience all these during the backflip performance.

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