6 Steps towards Extreme Backflip on the Flyboard

28 Feb, 2014

    Two world championships have already been taken, hundreds of video that conquered the whole world on youtube were shot, and the backflip on the flyboard remains yet one of the most fascinating tricks. Many people have learned to fly like a bird and swim like a dolphin, but only few of them are able to do a backflip. The sensations during both viewing and performing tricks go off scale, sea of adrenaline, emotions – you will experience all these during the backflip performance.

 Сальто на Флайборде

So, let's try to examine this trick step by step:

  1. The first step perhaps, the most difficult one, because the success of performing the backflip depends, first of all, on the right start. You have to find the position between the full equilibrium and readiness to jump: this will allow you to turn a complete circle. For this purpose, bend your legs at an angle of 45° by lowering your trunk forward and move your hands backward.
  2. In the second step, you will have to stretch your body face-up and in the horizontal plane, while keeping your knees bent and hands in the vertical position. This will give you an additional impulse for performing the next phase.
  3. The third step is when the adrenaline starts boiling in your blood: you will have to trust the impulse and enjoy the view that will float before your eyes... ¡Roll!
  4. During the fourth step you will be in the same position as during the first step, only in a mirror reflection: your head will be facedown and hands put forward.
  5. We have already reached the penultimate phase, when your trunk and legs return to the upright position due to the bent knees during the landing.
  6. During the sixth and last phase you should keep the balance not to fall into the water, therefore, straighten your knees and bend your body to achieve the maximum balance.

Here is the video that displays how Franky Zapata performs the double backflip: