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All you need to know before tandem paragliding in Annecy

Paragliding makes us dream and there is a certain mystery that surrounds this activity. Annecy and its lake offer an exceptional setting for a first tandem flight, during which you will discover the impressive view and will experience new sensations. A tandem paragliding experience in Annecy allows you to feel free and to fly like a bird!

To offer you a unique and stress-free experience, our long-time partner FLYEO, a paragliding school in Annecy, has gathered the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the flight, the organization, or the weather. Read their recommendations and get ready to take off!

Frequently Asked Questions about Tandem Paragliding in Annecy

Paraglides flying above the Annecy Lake

Is Tandem paragliding dangerous?

Some may say paragliding is a “risky sport”, but it is not dangerous. Everything is in place for you to have a good time in complete safety with state-qualified instructors. Flying with a certified school from the French Federation of Free Flight, like ours, is a good guarantee of safety.

In what weather conditions do we not fly?

We can’t fly when it’s raining, when it’s too windy, or if the wind is not properly oriented for take-off. These three factors aside, the sky is our playground!

I am afraid of heights, so I can’t try tandem paragliding?

On the contrary! In short, vertigo is created by the brain when it receives contradictory information from the eyes, the feet, and the inner ear. During your first flight, your feet do not touch the ground, so there is no vertigo in paragliding and no unpleasant sensation.

Do you have to be athletic to take a paragliding experience?

You don’t have to be a great sportsman! However, you must be able to take a few strides at take-off to get some speed and fly away.

How long does it take to do a paragliding ride in Annecy?

There are several types of paragliding lessons and their time can vary from 10 to 15 minutes to more than 45 minutes! It depends on your wishes.

What are the different tandem paragliding rides in Annecy?

Flyeo offers you the following morning flights: children (from 3 to 12 years old) and discovery (12 years old and more) which last about 15 minutes. And in the afternoon: ascension flights (25/30 min) or prestige flights (45 min). For the most courageous, there is also the sensation of flight, which will make you ride the wind like you never have before!

Who are the paragliding pilots?

Your instructor is the main pilot, and all of them are state-certified instructors. For the most courageous, you can also ask to lead the paraglider! For a moment, you will take the controls and feel the movements of the sail above you.

How many people can fly at the same time?

Under the same glider, there is only you and your pilot. But if you want to fly in a group and at the same time, we can have you take off a few minutes apart from your friends to be in the air together.

Minimum age? Maximum age?

The reference age for the youngest is 3 years old. And as long as the desire to discover the sky is there, no age limit!

What is the maximum weight?

This will depend on the type of flight you want to do, but in general: for the morning, it is 80 kg maximum and 110 kg in the afternoon. Indeed, in the afternoon the conditions are generally stronger at takeoff and need much less running, this facilitates this phase for the pilot who can then bring bigger or heavier people.

How to prepare for a paragliding experience?

With a smile and a good mood! Simply take your sunglasses, sneakers, and a small jacket, and you are ready to fly.

Is it available for people with a disability?

This will depend on the disability, so don’t hesitate to contact us.  For a person with reduced mobility (in a wheelchair, for example), there are wheelchair harnesses to get you off the ground. Normally these flights are only available in the afternoon. In our experience, the maximum weight for taking off easily is 80 kg. Our team is here to advise you on a solution that is adapted to your needs.

Can I have a female instructor?

Yes, our female instructor is Barbara, aka Barbie! Like all our instructors, she will be happy to share her passion with you.

When can I not paraglide?

People with heart failure, epileptics, sprains, plaster casts, and some other special cases such as pregnancy. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.

Preparing for a first tandem paragliding experience in Annecy

Paraglider in front of the Flyeo Area

What information does the pilot give during the briefing before the flight?

The briefing allows you to anticipate the take-off phase. This is the crucial moment where you should not sit down too soon in your harness, not jump off the ground while keeping your eyes on the horizon. But don’t worry, your instructor will guide you at all times.

What clothes and shoes should I wear for a paragliding experience?

We advise you to wear trainers that you are comfortable running in. And for the clothes, it will depend on the weather, but even if it is nice and warm on the ground, it is better to wear a jacket during the flight, as there is always some wind.

Where is the meeting point?

It is at our school next to the Doussard landing spot. There is no need to go up alone to the take-off zone, as our shuttle will take you there with the other passengers.

What you need to know about taking off in Annecy

Taking off in Annecy, above the lake

Where is the take-off point in Annecy? How do I get there?

We take off from the Col de la Forclaz, the most famous take-off spot in the Annecy area. However, you come directly to our school, as we have a Flyeo shuttle that takes you and your pilot.

How does the take-off take place during a paragliding experience?

Do you have to jump into the void?

To take off, we simply glide through the air. You don’t have to jump, because your harness will directly hold you after you left the ground.

3, 2, 1… Lets take-off!

Tandem Paragliding Flight

What is the position during the flight?

You will sit comfortably in a harness, the same way you would sit on your sofa!

What are the emotions you will be feeling during the flight?

They can be different for everyone, but all passengers agree on the feeling of freedom and wonder. For those with motion sickness, don’t hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice.

Can I take my camera, GoPro or mobile phone with me during the flight?

Do not take your personal belongings with you during the flight (do not leave your car keys in your pockets, for example!). You can leave your belongings at the reception. You can take a GoPro or your camera with you, only if it is attached to yourself. We do not allow attachments on helmets. We do not accept any responsibility for lost or broken items during the flight. In any case, your pilot will film and take pictures of you with his GoPro. He knows all the best angles, and you can enjoy your flight hands free!

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