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What you need to know for the landing Paragliding landing in Annecy

Is the landing dangerous?

Not at all, the pilot and passenger land gently on their feet, unlike skydiving where the landing can be more brutal. We recommend good trainers as the grassy ground can be slippery during the landing.

Where is the landing point in Annecy?

The official landing spot is the one in Doussard, where paragliders and hang gliders come to land. Our school is located right next to it!

And to finish, here is a little bonus question:

What is the longest you can stay in the air with a paraglider?

For hours and hours if the weather conditions allow it and if the pilot has the necessary stamina. Some people have flown more than 11 hours in a row! Records for distance and time are usually set in Brazil, where the days are long and the aerological conditions optimal.

Ready for your first paragliding experience in Annecy?

With all the information and advice from the Flyeo Paragliding School, you are fully prepared for this unique experience in the air. So all you have to do is book your own Tandem Paragliding flight over Annecy with Flyeo, follow your guide’ instructions, take a few energetic steps and fly over the beautiful Lake Annecy surrounded by a breathtaking panorama.

There are many great spots in the world for a first paragliding flight, but Annecy is clearly on top of the list! To find out more, check out our article on Paragliding in Annecy, which has become the Paragliding Heaven.

A big thank you to the Flyeo school for answering all these practical questions about paragliding in Annecy. The Flyeo team is waiting for you with open arms for your tandem flight!

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