A Brief History of Lawyer Hattingen

About Lawyer Hattingen
Hattingen is a very safe place to travel. Petty crimes such as pickpocketing or purse-snatching are very rare and local law enforcement is efficient, so visitors can feel confident. However, as with any city, maintaining personal vigilance is advisable. Public transportation is clean, reliable, and easy to navigate. Tap water is also of high quality and is tested regularly, so it is perfectly safe to drink straight from the tap.

The Henrichshutte is built in the Industrial Era. It was the main working place for the region for more than 135 years.

A gas facility is inaugurated on Wulfingstrasse, which enabled the streets to be lit with gas-lanterns. The town is connected to the railway network, and a new city hall is opened.

Count Adalbert Trilhaase comes from an Erfurt merchant family of moderate means. He completed his commercial apprenticeship and founded a linen factory in Bielefeld before moving to Hattingen am Ruhr around 1890, where he ran a successful business for several years.

During the war, more than 909 citizens of Hattingen died on the battlefield. In the so called “Reichskristallnacht” (Crystal Night), Jews are incarcerated in the Jewish ghetto located at Bahnhofstrasse and in the Gewehrfabrik at Heggerstrasse. Baak, a former part of the community Winz, is assigned to Hattingen as compensation. Anwalt Hattingen

A Brief History of Lawyer Hattingen

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