A LEGO Pikachu Build Is Taking Reddit by Storm

A Pokemon fan’s mesmerizing time lapse video of Pikachu being built from the ground up is taking Reddit by storm. The user, Bigbudlego, has garnered thousands of upvotes and shares on the subreddit.

Pokemon is one of the most popular franchises in the world, and fans have created a wide variety of tribute art over the years. From creative new evolutions to hand-drawn portraits of famous Pokemon, there is always something for the Pokemon fan to create!

Now, a Pokemon fan is taking things up a notch with this LEGO version of the iconic character. The time lapse video of the build, posted on the subreddit, shows Pikachu being built from scratch using only LEGO pieces. The video is only 30 seconds long, but it provides a beautiful display of how the iconic Pokemon was assembled.

The set includes 1095 LEGO pieces, and the mechanized crank allows Pikachu to move its legs and tail. The build is over 4-inches tall, so it can pose in a number of different battle-ready positions.

Electric-type Pokemon – Level Two

Pikachu is an electrical-type Pokemon that is a major player in the Pokemon media franchise. This yellow mouse-like creature has the ability to generate electricity and can cause lightning storms when several of them gather together. It has two red bags on its cheeks that are used to store electricity. When Pikachu is about to use an electrical attack, the bags turn yellow. It also has a long, curvy tail that is shaped like a lightning. Pikachu Lego

A LEGO Pikachu Build Is Taking Reddit by Storm

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