Alternative Wedding Rings

For many different reasons, people are searching out alternative wedding rings to be used on their big day. Rest assured, there is an alternative wedding ring available for everyone, regardless of the reason for you to stray from the *ahem* typical ring.

Reason for Alternative Wedding Rings

Environmental In today’s society, it is much more common for someone to question each purchase they make. They may want to know how something was made, where it was made and the impact this has had on the environment. This is the number one reason people are searching for alternative wedding rings. We are a much more educated society with a large conscience are there are those of us that actually act on these thoughts.

Appearance The other top reason for people to purchase an alternative wedding ring is because they are looking for something that possesses a bit more “character” than the typical gold, white gold or platinum band. People think they carry more of a story and are more personal to the couple.

Wooden Wedding Rings

Typically, when people think of alternative wedding rings, they often think of how they metal can be crafted into a shape that is unique and original. But is this really that alternative or unique?

When I started looking for unique wedding rings, I was not sure what I would find, but to be honest, most of what was being advertised as “alternative” was simply the same old packaged differently. I then started digging deeper and discovered the wonderful world of wood rings.

Wood rings are exactly what they sound like.. rings that are hand crafted and made of wood. They can be made and crafted from various types of wood (but you should do some research as to the best material to be used to make the rings and insure durability). Also, wood can be mixed with various types of metals to create a very durable and beautiful ring.

I think the best part about the wooden wedding rings is that you know the person who personally crafted them and you do not have to worry if the machine that spit your ring out was not properly oiled that day. You can contact the ring maker ahead of time and ask any question you may have and have something matched to make a perfect wedding set for that special day.


Alternative wedding rings are widely available to the general public, but I think you need to be a little unique and alternative to truly debunk tradition. Wooden wedding rings really put a special spin on creating that perfect wedding day. tungsten rings wholesale supplier

Alternative Wedding Rings

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