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In the nearly three years since COVID hit, many of New York City’s restaurants have returned to their old selves. But it’s not only the beloved classics that are back—there are plenty of new genres like contento’s approach to pizza, and dhamaka’s wildly spicy street food that feels authentic and new all at once.

If you’re looking for a place to catch up with friends, you can’t go wrong with the cozy, neighborhood vibes at Heidi’s House by the Side of the Road in the East Village. It’s the kind of place where you feel like you belong, and it works for a solo dinner or a casual catch-up over a juicy burger and crispy mac and cheese.

Another good spot for a quick meal is Fortuneno, which bills itself as both a steakhouse and a BBQ chicken joint. The menu is surprisingly large (you can get everything from a grilled pork bun to a fried chicken sandwich) and the service is super attentive.

Another Chinatown favorite is Win Son, which has gotten better with time. This Taiwanese American restaurant has become a go-to for date nights, family visiting from out of town, and big groups gathered around a lazy Susan. Their list of crowd-pleasing dishes is huge and includes everything from traditional favorites like fly’s head to lu rou fan, plus tasty riffs like a pea shoot salad with beef and a crunchy fried rice dish. best local restaurants near me

Best Local Restaurants Near Me

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