Button Head Screw

Known as button head screws in the trade, socket head cap screws have a domed, low bearing surface and offer a finished appearance. They are commonly used in applications requiring a strong screw but where access to the head is limited or a low profile is preferred. They are generally considered to be lighter than other screw types and can provide a stronger joint when properly installed.

Like most other screw types, button head screws are available in different diameters and lengths. Choosing the correct size and length will ensure proper fit and performance. These screws can also be plated in several different colors and materials to enhance their aesthetic appeal and resistance to corrosion.

Button head socket cap screws are typically driven by an Allen wrench or hex key. This allows the screw to be tightened and removed with minimal effort, while also reducing the risk of stripped or damaged threads. These screws are often used in mechanical, electrical, automotive, and manufacturing applications due to their versatility and sleek appearance.

In addition to offering a finished look, hex socket head screws have many practical benefits. The wide load-bearing face distributes force more evenly and provides resistance to loosening. The design is ideal for low-clearance applications, and the head can be countersunk to sit flush with the surface it is fastened to. A hex socket drive also allows for higher torque than other screw types, making them a great choice for high-torque applications.

Another important feature of hex socket cap screws is their ability to resist cam out. This is a common problem associated with socket head screws, especially in thin or soft materials where the screw’s threads can be pulled out of the material. This is avoided by using a larger, more substantial head that can better retain its shape.

These features make hex socket caps screws a popular option for applications that require a smooth, polished appearance and for security applications that need to reduce the possibility of tampering or theft. They are also a good option for applications where the exposed heads come into contact with other components or surfaces that could be damaged by a more pronounced, higher-profile screw head type.

Metric & Multistandard carries a large selection of hex socket caps screws in a variety of sizes and finishes. Our stock of ISO 7380 button socket head cap screws includes both black oxide and oil, as well as mechanical zinc and Zinc-bake Cr+3 finishes. We can also manufacture special products to your exact specifications. Contact us to discuss the head style, length, material, coating, plating, and finishing treatment best suited for your application.

Button Head Screw

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