Buying a Moonstone Engagement Ring

Getting engaged is an exciting time and the perfect piece of jewelry can really make the whole thing that bit more special. Whether you’re looking for something super sparkly or something with an earthier feel, there are so many options out there. One gemstone you might want to consider is the moonstone, which is a gorgeous milky-blue color with an iridescent sheen that gives it a unique look.

The gem is a member of the feldspar family and can be found in all kinds of shapes. Typically, jewelers cut it into cabochons (shaped like domes) and oval or pear shapes to really show off the stone’s transparency and iridescence. But you can also get it faceted or even carved into bespoke designs to make a truly unique ring.

You’ll often see moonstone set in sterling silver, as it’s a budget-friendly material that reflects the stone’s sheen beautifully. But rose gold and yellow gold can also be great settings as well. When choosing a metal, try to pick one that complements the moonstone’s blue or pink shades.

Because moonstones aren’t as durable as diamonds, you’ll want to choose a setting that protects the stone from scratches and cracking as much as possible. For this reason, you’ll want to find a ring with a four-prong or bezel setting. The latter is especially good for this purpose as the stone will be encased in the metal, making it harder to scratch or chip than it would be otherwise.

Another important factor to consider when buying a ring is how it’ll look with your partner’s existing rings. If you’re planning on stacking your engagement ring with other rings, you want to be sure that the design of the moonstone is going to compliment those styles and look harmonious together. If you’re unsure how to match the two together, you might want to ask your jeweler for recommendations.

As the popularity of moonstone grows, more and more jewelers are specializing in this type of engagement ring. Some even offer eco-friendly options, as many consumers are concerned about the sourcing of traditional diamonds.

You may also want to consider a ring with an engraved message or phrase — this is another way to personalize the ring and make it even more sentimental and meaningful. Adding an engraving will usually cost extra, so you’ll need to be prepared for this additional expense if you decide to go this route.

Whether you’re searching for a moonstone engagement ring or just want to add a touch of sparkle, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our edit of the best pieces and shop the style that’s right for you!

Buying a Moonstone Engagement Ring

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