Careful used the pregnant women cosmetics

The 30-year-old woman called Miss Zhang who had been pregnant for three months. Recently, Miss Zhang is always puzzled about whether put on makeup or not, because Miss Zhang is doing a sales job in the bank, the external image is very important at ordinary times, and put on makeup also become a habit in her live. But after pregnancy, in order to ensure the safety and health in the pregnancy period, she had to give up putting on makeup, every day after washing face, her face was coated nothing. She felt that since stop using the cosmetics and skin care products, her face was always feel dry, and the skin was worse than before, the external image is greatly reduced. Perhaps, pregnancy is a very happy thing for every woman, but in pregnant period, ladies were because of fearing the cosmetics will affect their unborn fetus, in choosing cosmetics they are more or less have some concerns.

It is understood that many pregnant women, because of fearing the chemical ingredients in cosmetics will affect the fetus, most of them were giving up make-up, also there are a considerable part of pregnant women who pursuing beauty were puzzling about whether put on makeup or not. In this regard, many doctors said that pregnant women should also do well in skin care, because pregnancy is a special time, some pregnant women because of hormonal changes in the body, the skin will be changed, such as lack of nutrition, dry, spot, allergies and so on, if pregnant women were blindly ignored, it will not only because of the appearance changes affect the mood, the skin will be damaged quickly. The doctors believe that pregnant women do not have to be afraid of make-up, instead, can through applying cosmetics or rub some skin care products to spread the tension feeling caused by pregnancy, thus enhance the self-confidence. Buy cosmetics during pregnancy must be choose non-irritating product, better to choose weak acidic products that produced by natural raw materials. In addition, you must stop using the skin care products which containing tretinoin, according to tretinoin manufacturer, this substance is easy to cause birth defects of the baby, especially the whitening, freckle cosmetics contain higher levels of tretinoin. tretinoin gel

Careful used the pregnant women cosmetics

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