Churchill Shooting in Macon, Georgia

MACON, Georgia (41NBC) — A man has died after a shooting on Churchill Street in Macon. According to Bibb County Coroner Leon Jones, the victim was Demorrio Maurice Faulk, 35, of Macon. Bibb County sheriff’s deputies say they were called to the scene of the incident on Sunday morning to investigate a shooting. Authorities said that a suspect fled the scene and remains at large. The victim’s injuries were not life-threatening.

Churchill was an enthusiastic game shooter at home and abroad. During his time in South Africa in 1900 as war correspondent for The London Times and later as Minister of the Colonial Office he enjoyed hunting big game, including rhino, in its native habitat. He also developed a reputation as a fine pigeon shooter.

The Churchill Method was an instinctive approach to target engagement, based on aligning the eye with the rib of the barrels – a technique known as correct gun mounting. When applied to a correctly fitting shotgun, this simple and straightforward method gave excellent results. Churchill’s family company was E.J. Churchill & Sons – which had established a premier reputation for its London-made firearms during the period between the world wars.

Robert Churchill had the good fortune to be brought up in this successful business and, as a young man, learned how to handle, fit and shoot a wide variety of guns. He inherited the Churchill style and, with an appreciation of its inherent simplicity, refined it into his own system of pointing a shotgun to optimum effect on the grouse moors and driven game estates of England.

Churchill’s enthusiasm for game shooting extended to his military career and he was an early aficionado of Britain’s signature submachine gun, the Sten gun. He kept one in his limousine and also carried a Thompson, depending on the transport of the day.

In addition to his collection of Churchill shotguns and the two Mauser pistols, he owned a number of other weapons. These included a Sterling Armaments Co 9mm Lanchester SMG, of which he was a great advocate in the House of Commons. This particular model is engraved ‘WINSTON SPENCER CHURCHILL’ and bears signs of extensive use.

Churchill’s love of guns and a desire to promote the skills and heritage of the trade were at the heart of his appointment as George Digweed Academy Global Shooting Ambassador in 2014. This was in conjunction with his role as Managing Director of E.J. Churchill & Sons and the promotion of competitive clays shooting at the company’s flagship facility, The George Digweed Academy in High Wycombe. A genuine and sincere motive, but nevertheless a commercial one. The George Digweed Academy has since gone on to establish itself as a leading venue for the international sport of competitive English sporting clays and hosts the World English Sporting Championships every year. This is an important legacy to carry on and one that we hope continues to prosper. In addition to the world-renowned clays shooting, The George Digweed Academy has been a driving force in the development of a new and exciting form of shotgun slinging that has evolved from the traditional method and is now being referred to as the Churchill Sling. Churchill shooting

Churchill Shooting in Macon, Georgia

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