Concrete Water Tank Repairs Near Me

Concrete water tanks are found on thousands of properties in rural Australia. Many of these tanks are now approaching the end of their useful life with cracking, leaking, spalling, reinforcement deterioration and freeze-thaw cycling causing structural issues. They may also have been contaminated with biofilm and inorganic residues that cause taste and odor complaints as well as regulatory compliance issues. Rather than demolish or build new, these tanks can often be repaired to provide another decade or two of use.

If you have a leaking tank it’s important to act quickly. Leaks drain away the water and allow bacteria to enter, which can make your drinking water unsafe. The first step is to locate the leakage source. Then, drain the tank completely and thoroughly. This will prevent the leaking water from interfering with the repair process.

Using specialised cement-based products, Taskers can repair cracks, seeps and holes in concrete water tanks that result in water loss. Small leaking cracks can be repaired externally with expanding hydraulic mortar, and large leaking cracks can be fixed internally with a steel liner and steel bands to stabilise the tank.

If your concrete water tank has a fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) lining, Taskers can remove the existing liner and install a new FRP lining in place to provide an additional 10 or more years of life. If the tank was built with a steel liner, your Tasker will coat the interior surface with epoxy to serve as an adhesive for the new lining. concrete water tank repairs near me

Concrete Water Tank Repairs Near Me

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