How to Find Affordable Pet Insurance

A good pet is a lifetime investment, and one of the best ways to ensure your beloved companion lives a happy, healthy life is by protecting them with insurance. The right policy can help you avoid a mountain of vet bills should anything happen to your cat or dog. However, not all insurers are created equal. Some have pricier premiums than others, and many of the same factors that affect human health insurance can impact your pet’s coverage costs. By researching a variety of providers and selecting the plan that fits your pet’s needs, you can find affordable pet insurance.

While price is an important factor, you should also consider what treatments are covered. In general, more comprehensive plans will cost more than those that include fewer procedures. When comparing insurers, check each company’s annual coverage limit, deductible and reimbursement rate options to get an idea of how much you should expect to pay.

The type of pet and breed will also affect your costs. Cats, for example, tend to have lower premiums than dogs. Larger breeds are more expensive to insure, and breeds with hereditary conditions, such as hip dysplasia, are likely to have higher veterinary fees.

Another factor to consider is how the insurer handles pre-existing conditions, which can make some policies less appealing. Most pet insurance companies enforce a waiting period after you enroll, typically 14 days, before they will cover any treatment for a pre-existing condition. However, some pet owners may be able to get around this by contacting their veterinarian and having them write a prescription for treatment, which can then be submitted to the insurance company.

When shopping for affordable pet insurance, look for a provider that offers multiple payment options and has an easy-to-understand claims process. Also, check whether the pet insurer has a mobile app and if it allows your vet to submit claims for you. Some pet insurance companies even offer a discount when you purchase a policy online through their website.

Figo Pet Insurance is an excellent choice for affordable pet insurance because it offers several different annual maximums, from $5,000 to unlimited, and covers hereditary conditions, nonroutine dental care, alternative therapy and more. The company also doesn’t impose waiting periods on hereditary and congenital conditions that occur before enrollment, and it recognizes that some diseases are curable, so it will not exclude them if they haven’t reappeared in the past 12 months. Its add-on options, including wellness and veterinary exam coverage, are also competitively priced.

Spot Pet Insurance, which launched in 2019, has competitive rates and an annual maximum of $100,000, but it does not cover acupuncture or physical therapy, two services that are available through add-ons with other providers. The company does, however, offer a wellness plan option that helps you budget for routine visits, such as annual vet checkups and flea/heartworm prevention. It is worth noting that Spot Pet Insurance is endorsed by Cesar Millan, better known as the Dog Whisperer. affordable pet insurance

How to Find Affordable Pet Insurance

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