How to Make Moon Rocks Weed at Home

Moon rocks weed is a wildly potent form of cannabis. It combines premium cannabis flowers (usually Girl Scout Cookies) with sticky hash oil and kief, creating an incredibly smoky, resinous treat. They’re a popular choice for recreational users and medical patients alike, especially because they can be made at home using ingredients you probably already have on hand.

Making your own moon rock is pretty easy, though it does require some supplies that only professional growers and a select few dispensaries have access to. You’ll need a few strong nugs, some cannabis oil or extract (hash or hash oil is preferred), and a bit of kief.

Choosing the right cannabis flower is crucial for crafting your moon rock, so make sure you choose a strain that is dense and heavy. This will help it hold together and make the process easier.

Once you’ve found a bud that works, remove the stem and cut it into four or five pieces with scissors or a knife. Alternatively, you can use a grinder and scrape up the kief before rolling it.

After cutting up your bud, you’ll need to apply some hash oil to the surface. Depending on the type of extract, you’ll want to coat it with enough oil to cover the entire bud, but not so much that it drips off the bud when you smoke it.

You can also apply some of the hash oil to a pre-roll or roll your own if you’re feeling fancy, but it will be much messier and less effective than smoking it straight out of the jar or on your own glass. You can also try crumbling it up and adding it to your bowl of flower, but that’s a bit messy and will not produce as much THC.

Another thing you’ll want to do is make sure your environment is vibe-encouraging and comfortable before smoking your moon rocks. You’ll be able to enjoy the calming high of cannabis more easily when you are relaxed and calm.

If you’re a beginner smoker, moon rocks can be overwhelming, so start out small and slowly increase your dosages. They’re also very potent, so be sure to eat, drink, and hydrate before smoking them.

The potency of moon rock weed is dependent on the strain and other ingredients used to make it, so you should always check with your local dispensary before consuming it. They’ll be able to tell you how strong it is and how many hits per milligram.

Getting the right bud for your moon rock is important to its quality, so it’s best to purchase from a trusted, legal source. Look for products with a High Times Cannabis Cup rating or a certification from an approved manufacturer.

While these products are often very expensive, they’re still a very affordable way to get your hands on some of the most potent marijuana you can find. Some moon rocks can be as high as 50% THC, which makes them a great choice for those who are looking to enjoy a strong, cerebral buzz.moon rocks weed

How to Make Moon Rocks Weed at Home

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