How to Write an Instagram Like Post

The best Instagram posts are carefully strategized, curated and tested. Getting a handle on your brand’s voice and style will help you to grow your followers, engagement and (hopefully) sales.

Instagram’s algorithm gives priority to posts that appear to be most relevant and engaging to the platform’s users, based on their previous likes, interactions with other accounts, and other factors. The algorithm will also display a post’s most liked content first in the timelines of those who have already shown interest in it.

This will make your post more likely to be retweeted and commented on, which can lead to more likes. To increase your chances of having a comment thread start, add a question to the post that you are sure will spark conversation. For example, “What are your thoughts on this?” or “Can you think of any other ways we can use this?”

When you tag people in a post, they will receive a notification and may be more likely to view and like it. In addition, tagged posts tend to rank higher on the hashtags pages and on Instagram’s Explore page, meaning more people will see them.

Some brands have found success by posting about their philanthropic efforts on Instagram. While it is important to be true to your company, this type of content can also boost likes by showing that your business cares about its community. This post by Brooklyn Candle Studio, for example, does not mention their products in the caption but celebrates fall colors and a local charity. instagram like post

How to Write an Instagram Like Post

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