Indianapolis House Cleaners

Indianapolis house cleaners keep homes in the metro area clean. Their services range from sanitizing bathrooms to cleaning closets and kitchens. They also tidy bedrooms and living rooms, dust furniture, vacuum floors, clean appliances, wipe mirrors and sinks, and scrub toilets and bathtubs. Clients can hire them on a regular or one-time basis to clean their homes, offices and rental properties. Some maids offer additional services like laundry, window washing and refrigerator cleanup.

When hiring an individual home cleaner, clients should ask about their rates and scheduling flexibility. They should make sure that the cleaner has a valid state license and has a background check. They should also find out if they are insured and bonded. It is a good idea to have a written contract with the service professional, as it will help protect both parties from potential disputes.

Typically, home cleaners expect payment at the time of service, so it is a good idea to have the appropriate form of payment (cash, check or credit card) on hand. Homeowners can also consider tipping their cleaners if they feel the maid has done an excellent job.

Founded in 2011, Circle City Cleaning Crew provides general cleaning services for residential and commercial customers in the metro area. Its staff members remove tape and shop vacuum the interior of new construction houses, and they can perform a deep clean to prepare them for listing. Its cleaners can also clean office spaces and fitness centers.

Indianapolis House Cleaners

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