Individual Care Giver or Agency?

When it is time for an old aged man or woman to need extra care services in the house comes, people now have the option of hiring a live in caregiver in Canada who can help assist your loved one. You have the choice of hiring an independent care giver or an agency. But which one is better, an individual or an agency? Here I will point out the pros and cons of both the available options.

Hiring an independent live in care giver Canada can be great since you do not need great insurance coverage. However, if your care giver needs a day off and you do not have any backup it will bring about quite a dilemma. But if you do have a family that is ready to fill in for that day then it is best to hire an individual. You must know that agencies always have a backup ready and therefore you will not have to worry about days where there is no caretaker for your loved one.

You must know that taking care of a senior is not at all close to babysitting. This is because the parents are always there in the morning before they leave to work and come back in the evening. Also, a child is much younger than the nanny and will therefore cooperate. In the case of a senior it is different. He or she will surely be a lot older and therefore not cooperate as well. A live in caregiver Canada from an agency is properly trained to handle seniors and make sure they are comfortable. The agency provides training and will not hire anyone who is not capable of doing a good job. They even have supervisors to assist the caretaker every step of the way.

Another big plus with an agency is that the caregiver can always call the agency in case there is a major problem. This is really helpful since there are times when most caretakers don’t know what to do in emergency situations.

An agency even has a care plan for the day in order to provide the best service. This plan is very essential to ensure that the daily care requirements are being taken care of. If this is not done in the right way there can be major problems. These plans take care of even the smallest of details.

An agency also does a verification of everyone they hire in order to check their records in the past. This is very important to ensure the safety of your loved one.

Considering all these points, it is best to hire a live in care giver Canada from an agency. However, if you really feel that you have found an individual care giver who will meet all the care giving needs, then feel free to hire him. home care in toronto

Individual Care Giver or Agency?

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