Long Beach Caregivers-Helping Disabled Persons

Caregivers refer to the people taking care of adults, mainly spouses or parents or children with disabilities and requiring special care. Few of them are members of family and others may be paid. They provide help in following ways:

•    Paying up your bills
•    Help you eating
•    Cleaning the house
•    Cooking food and shopping for necessities of home
•    Help you bathing, dressing and going to toilet
•    Providing emotional support and giving company
•    Providing medication

Care giving is not that easy, caregivers taking care of continually sick people frequently feel anxious. They provide you service 24 hours a day and whole week. It is very difficult to care for people who are mentally ill with disease like Alzheimer. For such people support groups are there. We also have long beach caregivers. Caregiver syndrome is a condition in which unproven care for continually sick family member results in stress. Today, in the US there are around 50 million people caring for their family members at home that may include spouses, children with chronic illness or disability and elderly parents. If such home care was not provided, these cared people would have required costly health care facilities or placement in institutions permanently.
Approximate 80 percent of people are now engaged in giving care to their family members including adults and children with serious situations such as mental health problems, multiple sclerosis, cancer, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, painful brain injury, paralysis, physical and development disability, Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive impairments. Family caregivers and parents are very important part of long term care system saving expenses of health insurance and government’s money annually. The emotional, financial and physical results for the family caregivers may be awesome without any help, like respite. Respite helps in providing the family caregiver the required temporary pause from the fatiguing challenges that he often faces.
Family caregivers often request for the respite. However, it is inaccessible, unaffordable and in short supply despite of the disability or age of the person getting assistance. Although main attention is given to make sure that families have the option of providing care to ill family member at home, but almost no interest has been shown to the requirements of the caregivers who is responsible for this. With no break and continuously providing care, along with family who suffers emotionally and economically, caregivers also face social risks and serious health due to the stress. how to find a caregiver

Long Beach Caregivers-Helping Disabled Persons

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