Louisiana Criminal Defense Lawyer

Felony charges can have devastating consequences, including loss of personal freedoms, restitution and jail time. A qualified criminal lawyer can build a strong legal defense and protect your rights.

Criminal trespass charges can be levied against you for entering private property without permission, and our law firm has successfully defended numerous clients in Greater New Orleans who were falsely accused of this crime. We know how to determine if you actually broke city or state law, and we can investigate whether police officers obeyed the law, eyewitness testimony is questionable, and other issues that can result in a dismissal of your trespass charge.

If you’re facing homicide charges, like first degree murder or second degree murder, you need the best louisiana criminal defense lawyer you can find to build a solid defense for you. A conviction can lead to long prison sentences and even the death penalty. We can help you get the charges against you reduced to manslaughter or a lesser offense.

Drug possession charges can be serious, and a conviction can lead to lengthy jail sentences. An experienced attorney who is familiar with the Louisiana drug laws can make a strong case on your behalf. For example, he or she can use the evidence that you were not actually in possession of drugs. The attorney can also argue a violation of your constitutional rights such as illegal search and seizure or entrapment.

Brent Stockstill is a former prosecutor for the East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s Office, where he served as Section Chief. He earned a law degree from LSU and has extensive experience handling complex cases in state and federal courts.

Louisiana Criminal Defense Lawyer

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