Luxury Cabo Villas

When I wanted to plan a trip to cabo san lucas I looked on the Internet of course. So while I was looking I found a site that had all the luxury villas and condos you could ever want. So after emailing cabo inc I just waited for the there res ponce email for first contact. I was so happy when someone called me right back, they were very nice and sounded like they knew more about cabo san lucas then I did. So after talking for a bit we found me the perfect rental property. I had a couple of Buddy’s coming with me and we needed a pretty big place for all of us. And we also needed to find a boat to take us fishing, so I mentioned this to the guy on the phone at cabo inc. He told me don’t worry we will take care of that as well, this was great I found an all in one guy that got all of our needs done.

Well when we got there I was amazed at the luxury cabo villa we got. I mean it was right on the beach with all the luxuries you could ask for. From marble floors to stainless steal kitchen appliances, I mean top notch. So needless to say we were all very happy with the home and the great service that cabo inc had provided for us. What topped off the trip was when we got down to the docks early the next day. We arrived at about four am and there was this huge boat waiting for us, all fueled up and ready to go.

Needless to say that was the best fishing trip all year long, and till this day I don’t think that me and my friends have been on a better one. So if you ever go to cabo do yourself a favor and call cabo inc, or I will always book my trips through them. Well it looks like they are moving their site so check them out at this link below, I am sure the site will be back up soon, I just talked to the owner and they were switching hosting providers. boat rental cabo san lucas

Luxury Cabo Villas

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