Melbourne Curly Hair Salons

The art of cutting curly hair demands a high level of skill. Unlike straight hair that can be cut in the blink of an eye, curls require careful, considered technique and a deep understanding of how they respond to different types of cuts. The following melbourne curly hair salons have the skills and knowledge to bring out the best in your kinky, wavy or loopy locks.

Having grown up with wildly curly hair, Lisa is a true specialist, educating herself in the Deva haircutting method before setting up her own home-based salon. Clients rave about her attention to detail, relaxed approach and the way she teaches them how to manage their own curly hair after leaving the chair.

Swathed in Aveda aromas, Rhodes Hair & Spa is a true temple to all things natural beauty. Head here for a precision dry cut from one of the city’s top curly hair stylists. Ask for Hermiz – this guy knows how to work with curls like an artist and will have you feeling swaddled in lock love before you can say ‘Aveda’.

In this Gippsland salon owned by two curly specialists, Trish and Francine, each curly girl can expect the full experience: a thorough consultation that explores their own unique texture, lifestyle, future follicle plans and how they want to wear their curls before getting down to business. They also offer colour corrections and a comprehensive range of Curly Girl products, so you can stay on track with your healthy curl routine at home. melbourne curly hair salon

Melbourne Curly Hair Salons

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