Men’s Underwear

The’shaping garment’ that sits most directly against the skin, men’s underwear performs many functions. It protects the body from abrasion between undergarments and outer clothes, preserves modesty and offers opportunities for adornment and a display of’social status’. It supports the genitals and shapes the waist, torso and legs. It has supported eroticism and acted as a barrier against cultural discomfort with nudity.

The material from which underwear is made has a major impact on its feel and quality, with cotton being the most popular. The key is the staple length – the longer the fibres, the softer the fabric. The best men’s underwear are made from Pima or Supima cotton with extra-long staples.

Other fabrics such as spandex and microfiber also offer a range of benefits, including quick drying and wicking away moisture. They also provide stretch and recovery, meaning that they will return to their original shape after stretching.

Boxer shorts are a form of loose underwear with an elastic waistband. They are comfortable and airy and, if they have an encased elastic waistband, will leave very little or no vertical red marks on the skin. However, a sewn on elastic waistband tends to have a slightly less comfortable feel against the body than one that is ‘blocked’ or has been brushed.

Men’s briefs come in low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise, with a multitude of cuts that expose or hide different parts of the body, and a dizzying array of pouches. They are available in solid white and black, as well as stripes, checks and polka dots. Novelty underwear is also a big seller, with patterns ranging from silly cartoon characters to sexy’s bamboo underwear

Men’s Underwear

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