Methods To Finding Your Niche On YouTube

Are you trying to get famous on YouTube? There are thousands of people that are asking themselves the same question. So many people want to get famous on YouTube, but they don’t understand how it’s done or how to get noticed over all the videos that are already filling up YouTube everyday. Hopefully this article will be some help to you.

You Need To Make Great Videos

First of all, the thing that you need is to make great videos. Seems kind of obvious, but what makes a great video? You might think it’s the quality of the video, the editing or some flashy video that will make people watch in awe. All those can’t hurt, but really makes a successful video is finding people that are interested in what you have to say.

Finding YouTube Users in Your Niche

You can have the greatest video shot of you performing a Bob Dylan cover of “All Along The Watchtower”, but what’s the point of having a great video if no one has the chance to see it?

First of all you have to reach out to those people that would be interested in your video. You wouldn’t send out a message to someone who is into rap music about your latest Dylan cover. That person is not in your niche. It doesn’t make your video a bad video. That type of user just wouldn’t be interested in what you do. You have to find your niche and make a connection with those viewers.

Contact YouTube Channels in the Same Niche

The first method to finding people in your niche is to search for YouTube channels that are creating videos similar to yours. We’re going to stick with the Bob Dylan example. All you have to do is search “Bob Dylan – Along The Watchtower” in YouTube. The results will be different channels that have posted anything that is related to Bob Dylan and All Along the Watchtower. These will be videos that are covers, music videos, lyric videos or any video that has those keywords associated with the video. Those channels would be the ones to contact. They are in your niche! They like Bob Dylan enough to post about him so they should be fans of your video.

We can dive even DEEPER into the niche by searching for “Bob Dylan – Along the Watchtower Cover Song”. This will bring up a more narrow search of people that are performing the song as a cover. This will include people in bands, people performing the song on stage, people performing the song on their acoustic guitar, etc… These results will show a more specific niche.

You can dive EVEN DEEPER into the niche by searching for “Bob Dylan – Along the Watchtower Cover Song Acoustic Guitar”. You are now going to get results of people that perform the song on acoustic guitar. This will filter out people who have posted lyric videos or band videos. It’s all about reaching out to people that have similar likes as yours.

Contacting The Users Who Leave Comments

Another good method of finding your niche is to research the people who leave comments on a video in your niche. With most good videos there will be people who comment on the video. They can say something positive like “Great job!” or “I love your version”. These people that leave the good comments are the fans you should be looking for.

You can click on their profile and contact them by sending a polite message. Just ask them nicely about who you are. Say something like “Hello, My name is ____. I’ve recently shot a video of All Along the Watchtower. If you have some time, please take a moment to check me out. I would really appreciate it. Thanks (you name).” Something like that. Customize to how you would say it, but you have a good idea.

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Methods To Finding Your Niche On YouTube

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