Private Plane Vacations for the Luxurious and Budget-Conscious Traveler

Business jet or private jet is commonly the overarching term used to refer to commuter aircraft that transport individuals, freight, and more. Typically used by businesses individuals, the armed forces and chartered for specific events and causes – private planes are a versatile form of transported that are utilized for a variety of reasons.

Nomenclature varies and more formal terms are used to describe private planes, but specifically for leisure travel and vacations the term jet and private plane is interchangeable.

The process of chartering a plane for a private vacation falls into two separate categories of demographics.

Those individuals seeking what is usually a week-long vacation seek to travel in style, luxury with upscale amenities available at your fingertips.

The more budget-conscious consumer may seek the flexibility and customization, chartering a private plane for a vacation may offer. The budget-conscious consumer looks for affordability and may opt for a less luxurious plane that meets the needs of the traveler.

Still a bit of a niche category, private plane vacations are starting to carve out a segment of the leisure travel and tour marketplace for these two categories of consumers.

Travel in Style: Luxury and Extravagance at any cost

For the more lucrative customer who seeks luxury at any cost, the private plane of choice may be a bit more costly than it would be for the customer who seeks price, affordability and flexibility. With the ability to travel across the world, to any destination and then jump to a different destination for a week-long tour… the price of admission may be of no consideration. The luxurious experience sells itself and the ability to fly in comfort and style usurps price in this instance. This customer seeks royalty and the ability to see some of the worlds most majestic destinations in one of the fastest and convenient forms of transportation. These vacations can fall into the 6-digit range and can fall anywhere from $20,000-$40,000 per passenger.

Affordable and Flexible: The Budget Concscious Consumer

Affordability and flexibility is a feature benefit for travelers looking for a more intimate experience but still have to check and balance their pocket books for a quick getaway experience. The luxury of the private plane isn’t entirely lost for this consumer. The value of private fllights and avoiding the chaotic experience of commercial travel is the trade off and feature benefit providing value for this lane of travel. As private plane vacations become more mainstream, giving people more options, and more businesses keen on taking advantage of this market, the price as a result must remain competitive and low cost. Behold the new form of affordable vacation travel. Many vacation operators offer these packages, in less extravagant planes from as low as $1,500-10,000 depending on your destination of choice. Luxury houses

Private Plane Vacations for the Luxurious and Budget-Conscious Traveler

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