Secure Large File Transfer With SolarWinds Serv-U Managed File Transfer

If you’re dealing with large files, you need a tool that can handle them quickly and easily. There are plenty of choices on the market, from cloud storage providers to file transfer protocols (FTP). In order to send a big file over the internet, you’ll need a solution that meets two key requirements: that it can handle large files, and that it does so securely.

In the past, companies would use methods like email, USB sticks or FTP to share large files. However, these solutions aren’t ideal when it comes to security. For example, email isn’t designed with security in mind, and can leave sensitive data open to interception. In addition, these services don’t have the ability to encrypt files in-transit, making them less than ideal for secure transfers of large files.

A better option is broadband bonding, a service that allows businesses to combine multiple internet connections to create one high-bandwidth connection. This solution can help make sending large files a breeze, by making it easier for businesses to avoid network congestion.

Another solution is a managed file transfer protocol (MFT) solution, which is designed to make sharing files easier than FTP. MFT tools are ideal for organizations that need to transfer files of all sizes, and can provide a wide range of security settings to ensure that large files are protected in transit. Additionally, MFT solutions can encrypt files at rest, and offer audit trails to track who has access to what.

SolarWinds Serv-U Managed File Transfer is a powerful and secure option for managing large file transfers, and can be used to transmit data of any size. It can be used to send videos, applications, graphics, and even live broadcasts. It also offers a number of integrations with popular productivity and cloud storage solutions, including Slack, and can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection. To learn more about this solution, request a free trial of Serv-U MFT today.

Secure Large File Transfer With SolarWinds Serv-U Managed File Transfer

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