The Evolution of the Android Payment Terminal

When it comes to android payment terminal, the technology that powers these powerful, versatile point of service devices is evolving faster than ever. This is creating an unprecedented opportunity for Merchant Acquiring Banks and their merchant customers to deliver a new generation of customer-pleasing experiences and make progress toward business goals.

While the older legacy POS terminals relied on proprietary or Linux software, their successors are powered by the open, flexible Android operating system and are increasingly becoming smarter – with more functionality than just payment processing. These intelligent, app-enabled Android terminals, also known as SmartPOS, are a technological tsunami that’s changing the way businesses work.

These advanced, sophisticated Android POS devices aren’t just card machines, but complete all-in-one solutions that allow cash register functions and credit programme management along with staff and stock management, loyalty, mobile and remote customer support for self-service, as well as a range of business critical apps for retail, restaurants and many other sectors. This allows a single device to replace multiple existing hardware solutions such as cash registers, barcode scanners and handhelds, reducing total cost of ownership for small merchants.

The Android platform also enables the payments industry to piggyback on the scale and investments made by the smartphone industry, meaning component and peripheral manufacturers can integrate a greater variety of features into the devices – which translates into more options for merchants. This flexibility and rich feature set is especially attractive to pop-up shops, event organisers, home services (gardeners & painters), hospitality providers, etc. Moreover, the Android terminal captures far more data elements during operations which allows for enhanced analytics and presents new data monetization opportunities which PAX Technology can leverage through our cloud-based POS software platform, PAXSTORE. android payment terminal

The Evolution of the Android Payment Terminal

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