Voice Over – How to Get it Right

Whether you’re creating a video to promote your business or an explainer video to help potential customers understand how your service works, the voice over is a crucial part of the production. Getting it right can make the difference between your video resonating with your audience and leaving them uninspired.

There’s a lot that goes into recording high-quality audio. For example, the treatment of the room you record in can have a bigger impact on the sound quality than almost any other factor. While you may not have the budget to rent a studio with acoustic panels, there are plenty of things you can do in your home or office to improve audio quality.

Another important consideration is the voice itself. You want to choose a voice that is clear and easy to understand, with good pronunciation and enunciation. You also need to think about pacing – the speed at which you speak will differ depending on what you’re saying. For example, a quick promotional video for a nightclub will take on a much more upbeat tone than a video explaining funeral stationary services!

When you’re happy with the recorded voiceover, it’s time to start editing. Use a piece of software to listen through your recordings and take notes on things you like, or things you would change. For example, if there are long silences, strange sounds or if you’re speaking too quickly, these can be edited out of the final video. voice over

Voice Over – How to Get it Right

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