What Does a Business Website Require to Be Successful?

Remember, there is no magic to develop a good website and all it requires is to manage basic elements of a website in an effective way. Following are the elements & guidelines that help you a lot in making your website successful;


The design of the website has to be professional and should engage visitors with its attractive appearance and interactive features. However, following tips can help in order to form a better design;

• Color scheme must be selected with a good sense of understanding as it should represent the mode of the business. Excessive use of colors should be avoided as it fails to maintain the balance.

• Be very simple when making selection of text fonts so as to make it easily readable and make sure that background color should not distract the user to read the text.

• Do not fill up the page with unnecessary graphics and whatever graphics are used, must present sensible business meaning.

• High quality images must be used which can add visual appeal to the website. Do not use more than 2 or 3 images per page.

• Keep the design as simple as possible and use white space where necessary.


Besides a good design, a website must contain useful information in the form of content. Remember that visitors are not only attracted by the design of the website but they tend to look for useful information also. To make the content effective, follow the guidelines;

• The content should be relevant as well as convey correct business message to the target audience. The text should not be very lengthy and it should be broken into short paragraphs for easy reading.

• Make sure that your content is updated regularly so that your visitors may not find your website outdated.

• Speaking directly to the customers is a good approach and it builds trust among the target audience. Use of ‘You’ in the text is beneficial.


Usability of a website means that it is very easy to use, understand and navigate. The website becomes usable for its target audience if it comes closer to the needs of the users. Following tips are useful to make the site usable;

• The best way to increase the usability is to keep the design as simple as possible.

• You may lose your visitors if your website does not load in less than 7 seconds. Visitors want to have information quickly, therefore, it is better to make the website load fast.

• The website should be very easy to navigate as well as navigation tabs & menus must be located prominently in order to avoid users’ frustration.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is extremely useful for websites to make it rank on top pages of search engines. Following points are recommended;

• Create unique & non-plagiarized content.

• Important keywords must be used frequently in the copy.

• All the links should be in working conditions.


Your website cannot make the right impression if it is not well organized. Follow the above guidelines and make your business website effective. web design abu dhabi

What Does a Business Website Require to Be Successful?

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