What Is Ruqyah?

RUQYA means ‘to recite incantation with blowing’. Islamically, it refers to ayahs from the Qur’an, authentic du’a and the perfect names and attributes of Allah that one recite with the intention of seeking a cure for himself or another and with complete trust in Allah. It is used for all illnesses, physical and psychological and spiritual; whether they have a known medical cure or not.

We must recite the ayat with complete conviction and a clear understanding of what they are saying. We must also recite them loudly and clearly, reaffirming our belief and tawhidic faith in Allah Almighty. We must do so with the firm belief that the words of the Qur’an are indeed a cure and that we will be healed by Allah (Glory be to Him) alone.

It is not permissible to recite ayats that contain taboos such as mentioning the names of non-believers or claiming to have magical power. It is also not permissible to recite the ayats while being unkempt or unclean, wearing clothes that are dirty or tainted with blood. Similarly, it is forbidden to perform ruqyah while listening to music or other sounds that may distract the person being treated.

Some ruqyah performers claim to be able to remove the evil eye by touching an ayat of the Qur’an to the eye. Others claim that they can expel jinn by reciting the verses to them. They even claim that ayats can be written on a piece of cloth and burned to kill or suffocate the jinn. We must be careful that we do not become deceived by these false claims. what ruqyah means

What Is Ruqyah?

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