Which RV Fridge is Right For You?

For most RVers, the fridge is one of the most important appliances in the RV. Keeping your food and drinks cold prevents spoilage and can help keep you healthy. There are several options for RV refrigerators. Some are based on propane while others use electricity. Some are even a combination of both. Some RVers opt for residential-style refrigerators, although this is an expensive upgrade.

Which rv fridge is right for you? First, consider how much food you want to store. If you like to camp with a lot of people or cook a big meal, a larger capacity is probably a good idea.

Then, decide what power source you prefer. Most RV absorption fridges run on LP gas (propane) or 120V AC shore power, while some are two-way models that can run on either or both. Some also run on DC battery power as well.

Lastly, consider how much maintenance you want to do. Some fridges require very little maintenance other than regular defrosting, while others need more frequent service such as a duct cleaning or an airflow check. If you choose a propane fridge, make sure it’s properly hooked up to your propane system. Also, remember that your propane fridge will only stay cold if it is plugged in and powered up.

It’s a good idea to keep a thermometer in your fridge so you can monitor the temperature. You may need to lower the power setting in cooler weather, and you might need to raise it in hotter temperatures. rv fridge

Which RV Fridge is Right For You?

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