Wool Beanie – The Perfect Blend of Style, Comfort and Warmth

The perfect blend of style, comfort and warmth, this hat is built for the outdoors. Polartec Powerwool combines the warmth of wool with wicking properties of advanced synthetic fibers for an exceptionally soft and breathable winter hat. This midweight hat is ideal for cold weather activities such as hiking or sitting around camp at night with friends. It will keep you warm in the Cascade Mountains, rain forests of the Olympic Range and beyond. This hat is proudly made in the Pacific Northwest.

A beanie is the universal name for a knitted wool winter hat. This knitted head wear is also known as a tuque in New Zealand and Australia and a toboggan hat in parts of Canada and the US. It has many other names including Skullies, Stocking Caps, Touque Hat and Beanie hat.

This classic wool beanie is crafted from a premium merino yarn with a fleece band lining for a soft and comfortable fit on the ears and forehead. The merino wool blend is inherently warm, breathable and fast-drying, plus it’s soft against the skin. It is ideal for outdoor adventures, snow sports and lifestyle activities and is inherently stylish.

This beanie is knitted in the USA and is machine washable with cold water. It is important to dry this hat on flat to maintain its shape and softness. Do not tumble dry, it may be reshaped while wet. This wool hat is a great gift for anyone that enjoys the outdoors, snow sports or simply wants to look and feel stylish.

Wool Beanie – The Perfect Blend of Style, Comfort and Warmth

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