YouTube – A Unique Hotel Marketing Strategy

There’s no doubt that the internet has emerged as a blessing in disguise as it has made our lives so much simpler. It has managed to break many barriers, bridging the gap between people from all over the world. Due to this massive change naturally people’s demands and expectations have considerably risen. So, in order to live up to these expectations, hoteliers have to think of different ways of reaching out to them and grabbing their attention. YouTube is one of them!

YouTube is a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips. As the Internet continues to evolve, YouTube stands as one of the most popular Web 2.0 communities. It has millions of videos hosted and viewed billions of times and is known to attract over 330 million visitors a month.

Videos are emerging as a powerful tool in the hospitality industry, helping hoteliers gain an edge over their competitors. Today, videos are definitely the “in-thing” and used by most businesses as an effective marketing tool as they generate a new way of expression and create a sensation among viewers. Hence, what better way than YouTube to arouse your target audiences’ interest in your hotel?

By conveying the unique features of your hotel by sharing a video on YouTube you can capture the viewer’s imagination and build confidence for your hotel. Here are some ways in which you can use YouTube to attract as many guests to your hotel as possible:

Create a gripping video: To begin with, create a good video of your hotel property that has clear graphics and appealing pictures of your hotel. Your video should have the ability to grab the attention of visitors who are most likely looking for hotel accommodation.

Script your video well: Make sure the script for your video is well-written and appealing. It should be able to create magic and excitement for your viewers. Moreover, the voice-over recording & the background music should be clear, soothing and disturbance-free.

Create and customize your own channel: If you don’t have an account with YouTube as yet, then the first step you need to take is to create your own YouTube Channel. This is a very simple process as your channel is automatically generated for you when you sign up for a new YouTube account. The YouTube channel is the beginning of your YouTube presence, as it is where your YouTube viewers will be directed.

Get yourself the right type of account: YouTube offers several different types of accounts for you to choose from, namely – Standard, YouTuber, Director, Musician, Comedian, Guru and Reporter. There are other accounts also such as Politician and Partner which are only available to certain people who apply for them and qualify. All accounts share the basic features on YouTube like uploading, commenting, sharing, video responses, etc. Each of the specialized account types offers different customization options.

The YouTuber account allows members to upload, comment, rate and allot videos. With the Directors account you can personalize your own member channels with performer information and logos. However, if you want to be considered an expert in the hospitality industry the Guru account should be your obvious choice.

K.I.S.S: K.I.S.S is short for ‘Keep it short and simple’. In order to establish your video as one of the most watched videos, you need to keep it short and simple. The maximum time limit for your video should not exceed 5 minutes. However, if your video happens to run longer than 5 minutes, break it up into segments and number them as Part I, Part II, and so on so forth. This gives your viewers the chance to skip to relevant parts of the video, rather than watching a part of the video they are not interested in, to get to the part they really want to watch.

Use appropriate tags: Millions of people search for videos on YouTube by just entering the term in the search bar at the top of the page. By tagging your videos appropriately, there are higher chances of viewers finding your videos and clicking on them. After creating your video you must choose the right category and tags for your video.

Join or create YouTube community: YouTube has a strong community of groups that exist for users to discuss and share videos. You can browse for groups to join by category, or create your own group from the YouTube Groups page. By joining an existing group you can post videos or comments to the group discussion area. You can add your videos, describe and discuss them and interact with other like-minded users. This will help you network better as you can achieve the targeted audience for your hotel. On the other hand, by creating a community of your own on YouTube you will be a part of many different groups of users with the same interests. This way you can actively build your own network.

Promote your video: YouTube is not just a video sharing site; it is also a social networking site. You can send bulk emails to your targeted customers and let them know that you’ve just posted a video. This can be very advantageous to you, as you can easily reach out to millions of users and further promote your hotel. buy youtube likes

YouTube – A Unique Hotel Marketing Strategy

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