YouTube Attempt Widescreen and Real-Time Playback Applications

YouTube is the largest video sharing website in the world, early corporate headquarters is located in California’s Santa Anita Brenner. At a pizza shop and Japan restaurant, allows users to download, watch and share movies or videos. In February 2005, the station by three former PayPal employees, Web site names and logos are used in early television cathode ray tubes. In November 2006, Google for $ 1.65 billion acquisition of YouTube, and to operate it as a subsidiary. But how to profit through YouTube, Google has been very cautious attitude.

YouTube uses the Sorenson Spark and image coding technologies provided by the Adobe Flash9, compressed shift users to upload image files. Today Youtube film everything, covering individual film and television pieces, music videos and home videos, and more. YouTube video quality is far better than online with Windows Media and RealVideo streaming technology, but due to the low bandwidth requirements and can easily take by the Flash Plug-in is embedded in a personal blog, or other Web site rapidly and overwhelming popularity and success. HD video research and investment firm decision high-rise that YouTube’s traffic demand is extremely high, even need to pay approximately $ 1 million in fees each month, in March 2006, YouTube began advertising the Web site.

Today, Youtube video playback window has changed to widescreen mode.
After the replacement of the playback window, video content are prominent, but what’s more important is, Youtube may tie in with the launch of a number of based on H.264 HD video channel, in fact, I’ve seen several videos HD format.

I am not a video codec experts. As far as I know, H.264 technology only drawback is very consuming CPU, but it is much more clear video, and it supports 8-bit Alpha channel (large effects can be made of the transformers), that can be said to be the preferred technology for video applications in the future. Moreover, FlashPlayer9 started to support the following video decoding technology after the third update ( Let alone the present version is extremely higher share than 95% much.

The other hand, recently Youtube’s Live Broadcast has also used Media Server technology, as is the official Media Server provided by Adobe which are based on the open source community or the famous projects Red5 Server, I did not research carefully. But, stability and smooth is very good, I think.

More important is that two applications of Youtube mean that Native API provided by FlashPlayer was emerging from a coterie of developers, start more enhanced experience for ordinary users.

A more exciting, more high quality applications, and FlashPlayer extremely high market share and Youtube so successful mode of operation support, Flash video applications promising is very prospects.

And I firmly believe that the video area will be an important area for new media replacing traditional media. Flash Developer, come to buy youtube views

YouTube Attempt Widescreen and Real-Time Playback Applications

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