Auto Cold Drawing Machine

Auto cold drawing machine is a machine that takes raw material such as steel wire rod and reduces its diameter to the required size. This machine is an important part of the entire process of forming a metal bar, and it can be used for both solid and hollow bars. It can be found in a variety of different industries, such as the automotive and aerospace industries. The machine itself is a chain-type system that can be equipped with a number of features depending on the type of work it will be doing. These machines are designed to provide the maximum amount of accuracy and efficiency for a wide range of applications.

This machine is typically used to draw a wide variety of materials, including copper, aluminum and other nonferrous metals. It is also suitable for use with high-temperature alloys, superconductors and bimetals. The machine is capable of achieving higher precision than traditional manual drawing methods, and can handle higher production volumes. The equipment is easy to operate and requires very little maintenance. It is also able to change dies quickly and easily.

HS model series is an automatic bar-to-bar cold drawing machine that streamlines the whole process from loading to discharging. The machine uses a hydraulically powered extrusion unit (also known as the push pointer) to clamp and push the materials directly against the drawing dies. This helps to eliminate the swaging process that would otherwise be needed, which makes it ideal for drawing hex bars and other symmetrical metals. The finished product is then carried to designated collection racks next to the draw bench.

The machine is able to achieve a much lower drawing force than a manual machine, as it is able to maintain a more accurate distance between the dies and the material. This means that the force is applied more evenly, and can help to ensure consistency in the quality of the finished product. The machine can also be set to produce a very thin layer of technological lubricant on the surface of the metal, which can help to reduce the overall drawing force even further.

Another major benefit of this machine is that it can be used to draw a wider variety of shapes than just round rods. It can be used to draw flat bars, square and hexagonal bars, as well. This can make the process of forming metal bars more efficient, and allows for the manufacture of more diverse products.

Horenco is proud to offer a line of swaging, cold drawing and straightening machines that can improve the productivity of manufacturers and fabricators across many different industries. These new machines are a great addition to any manufacturing facility, and can help to make the process of creating metal tubes and pipes faster and more efficient. To learn more about these new machines or to request a quote, visit the Horenco website today.

Auto Cold Drawing Machine

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