Rhin-O-Tuff HD7700 Horizontal Heavy Duty Interchangeable Die Modular Binding Punch Review

  • The Rhino Tuff HD7700H takes the design and the features of the HD7700 and flips the punching mechanism for users who prefer a horizontal punching throat.
  • Although the machine looks a lot different from the vertical 7700 this machine includes all of the great features including the large punching capacity, chip tray, easy die change and heavy duty construction.
  • In fact, many users find that the HD7700-H is actually a little bit easier to use than the standard HD7700 vertical punch. Especially for operators that are used to using a horizontal feed punch such as the GBC Magnapunch or 111PM.
  • The HD7700 is not only easy to use but also has a huge number of features that are simply not included on other heavy duty binding punches. These help to set the HD7700 apart from its competition.

Strengths / Features:

  • One of the most impressive things about the HD7700H is its punching capacity. Depending on the hole-pattern that you are punching this machine can punch as many as 55 sheets of paper at one time.
  • As a rule, the more holes that you are trying to punch at once the less sheets you can punch. Thus, this machine can punch 55 sheets of paper when punching a three-hole or Velobind hole pattern and only 40 sheets of paper when punching a 4:1 pitch spiral coil pattern. No other modular binding punch comes even close to these numbers.
  • The HD7700 Horizontal uses the Rhino Tuff patented quick die change technology. All you need to do in order to switch punching patterns is to release the die locks and slide the old die out of the machine, you can then slide a new die set into the slot and lock it in place. There are twelve standard dies and fourteen custom dies for the HD7700H giving you a huge selection of punching options with this machine.
  • Although other modular binding punches on the market offer fourteen inch punching throats, not all of their dies are fourteen inches wide. However, with the 7700H all of the dies are fourteen inches wide. This means that you can punch legal sized sheets of paper in one step. Plus, the open throat on this machine allows you to punch longer sheets using a two step punching process.
  • The horizontal design of the HD7700-H makes this punch simple to use and easy to load. For years many of the largest and highest quality binding punches have been horizontal and many experienced operators have come to prefer this orientation. This machine comes standard with a foot pedal to operate the punch. However, users can order a versa switch for paper activated punching or a palm switch for push button punching.
  • When it comes to construction, the HD7700H sets the standard for heavy duty punches. The case, internal components, die set and even the chip tray are made of heavy duty steel and other metal alloys. This machine is designed to be used every day in a high volume print shop or bindery without having any problems. The HD-7700H comes with a one year warranty on both the die set and the machine which shows just how confident that Rhino is in their equipment.
  • On top of all of these features I have already listed there are a number of other great things that help to set this machine apart from its completion. It has an extra large chip tray and a manual reverse feature to help clear paper jams. It even has an LED display to tell you if your die isn’t loaded correctly.

Weaknesses / Limitations:

  • One of the weaknesses of this machine is simply its size. In order to convert the HD7700 into a horizontal punch without completely redesigning it Rhino simply flipped the existing machine on its end and attached it to a heavy duty base. The resulting machine is massive. It weighs over one hundred pounds and measures 21″ x 21″ x 19″. This is a big machine.
  • The big claim to fame of the HD7700H is that it can punch more paper than any other punch on the market. However in my tests, the punching quality was extremely poor when I tried to punch the maximum capacity of this machine. The holes were ragged and the sheets of paper became welded together from the extreme force that was exerted to punch the holes. In some cases the paper even buckled between the holes. In order to achieve a good punch quality I had to punch half or less of the maximum. This was disappointing especially for a machine that is often used to create jobs that customers pay a great deal of money for.
  • The HD7700H is an industrial punching solution and as such it has a look that is industrial. This is fine for a print shop, bindery or production floor. However, this machine will have a tendency to stick out like a sore thumb in an office environment. If you are concerned with asthetics and noise you will want to find a place in your office that is out of the public eye to place this machine.
  • When Rhin-O-Tuff turned the HD7700 on its end and made it into a horizontal punch they ruined several of the features of the machine. The vertical model can be combined with an auto feed system to become a semi-automatic punch, the horizontal cannot. Likewise, the vertical model is designed to have pieces of finishing equipment or a die rack attached to the top of the machine. The horizontal isn’t designed for this. Your finishing equipment will have to have its own place on your countertop or work area.
  • In comparing this machine to the GBC Magnapunch (its major competitor) there is no question that this machine has more features. However, the Magnapunch has a faster punching cycle, a sleeker design and most of my customers prefer using it to this machine. They find it easier to use, easier to change the dies and less complicated than this machine. Auto cold drawing machine

Rhin-O-Tuff HD7700 Horizontal Heavy Duty Interchangeable Die Modular Binding Punch Review

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