What to Expect From Your Yacht Charter Crew

A good yacht charter crew has a simple and complicated job — do everything they possibly can to ensure that your trip becomes the best, most memorable vacation for you. They truly do, is they’re really good and competitive. So, they’ll grant any of your reasonable request. The following will give you an idea on what to expect from your crewed yacht charter trip:

They’ll discuss with you the every-day itinerary that will conform to your your wishes at the start of the trip and every morning based on the weather conditions and the mood of your group; they’ll keep the yacht look and smell clean; they’ll be at anchor with drinks ready just before the sun sets; they’ll set up the windsurf board three times a day if needed; they’ll cook your meals based on your preferences. Also, they’ll allow you to, or teach you how to steer the yacht (under supervision) if you like them to; they’ll be very discrete if you feel like being romantic with your spouse; they’ll take you to a great snorkeling spot; they’ll be very patient with children, teach them things like knot tying; and they’ll pick you up at the restaurant or at the beach using the dinghy. In general, most good yacht crews do way more than these.

Overall, they’ll be super nice (they should be) since you’re the source of their livelihood and the least thing they want is for you to send a bad after-trip report to the broker or the yacht charter firm.

Now, let’s discuss how you and your party should behave? Basically, there are two vital types of situations where problems can happen.

1. Safety:
Do not insist if the Captain informs you that it’s presently unsafe to go to a certain place, even if it’s included in your itinerary. Keep in mind that he’s a professional and he’s responsible to the safety of everyone on board. So, try not to push him; he can be very firm if he has to.

2. General Courtesy

As a guest on board, you are also expected to show some courteousness. Try not to be arrogant, unreasonably dirty or messy, and unruly after a party involving drinks. Some guests see the members of their crew as servants. Actually, they are not. They’re professional seaman hosts who are trying to do a tough job the best they could. And for this, they should be treated with friendliness and respect.

Additionally, it’s a tradition to treat crew members a dinner on shore at least once during the trip (usually the last night). You’re not required to, but it’s definitely a nice gesture of appreciation for the services you’re received; or at least offer.

And very importantly, if you’re truly satisfied with your trip, give a gratuity to your yacht charter crew. Not all yacht charter firm brochures or websites will mention about gratuity. But know that the traditionally accepted gratuity starts from 10 per cent to 15 per cent of the total yacht rental fee. Some guests are even glad to give up to 20%. gratuities represent around 50 per cent of the total earnings of a yacht charter crew Tulum Yacht Party

What to Expect From Your Yacht Charter Crew

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