Power Wheels Battery – Do Not Choose the Wrong Batteries and Waste Your Money

When it comes to buying a replacement Power Wheels battery for your kid’s ride-on toy, it is still amazing that everyday parents not only pay the extortionate full retail price, but they also assume that all 6 volt batteries are the same or 12 volt batteries can be swapped in or even that all Fisher Price batteries are compatible with all Fisher Price Power Wheels vehicles.

The result is that they spend more than they need to purchase a battery that is either not compatible with their child’s actual vehicle and simply does not fit or work or indeed a battery that never really provides full power and fails soon after buying it. This quick non-techie guide lists the different Power Wheels battery choices out there so that hopefully you don’t make the same wasted mistakes that so many others make every day.

First off, the battery market is a great place to grab a bargain as there are now so many discount specialized battery suppliers out there that now offer the same branded batteries direct to the public, but just at lower price than found in the stores. The result is that you can now get the same Fisher Price Power Wheels batteries, but cheaper. Go save some money.

6 Volt Power Wheels Battery

The 6v replacement battery process is, unfortunately the most confusing of them all. There are currently 3 different types of 6 volt battery and depending on which specific Power Wheels vehicle you have, you can only select one type of replacement battery model for it. The good news is that Fisher Price have color coded each of their 6 volt batteries, which makes correct selection a case of matching your original battery 6v color and replacing like for like color and then you simply cannot go wrong.

Green 6 Volt – these are specifically intended for use with the older Power Wheels vehicles and have a capacity of 6 amps/hour. Unfortunately, these Fisher Price batteries are becoming more difficult to find. The good news is that some specialist battery suppliers have bundled together a red 6 volt Fisher Price battery with the appropriate adapter that can be used effectively for your older vehicle with the cost about the same, a solution that at least gives you an option.

Blue 6 Volt – the 6v blue Fisher Price battery is intended for use with the Toddler range of Power Wheels vehicles and has a capacity of 4 amps/hour. This is of course a rechargeable battery and you should only use the appropriate 6v battery charger with it.

Red 6 Volt – this is the latest and most common of the 6v Fisher Price batteries and is used with all of the latest vehicles. The red 6 volt battery has a capacity of 9.5 amps/hour. The red 6 volt battery is suitable for Type H 6-volt; Type H or Type A for Super 6-volt; and 12-volt vehicles (Preschool & Advanced Series only). If you have an Advance Series Power Wheels 12v vehicle fitted with two 6v batteries, it is best to replace both batteries at the same time for optimal performance and longevity.

12 Volt Power Wheels Battery

When it comes to replacing a 12 volt Fisher Price battery, it is a whole lot easier than with the 6 volt, as there is currently only one choice. The 12 volt battery is used for Advanced Series Power Wheels and has a capacity of 9.5 amps/hour. The 12 volt battery is white in color with a grey top. 12 volt battery 20ah

Power Wheels Battery – Do Not Choose the Wrong Batteries and Waste Your Money

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